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14-15 Settembre 2024

Punta Marina, Ravenna

Let's rock: here are all the Experiences at Kalemana 2024

Kalemana is about living new experiences, exploring the unknown, and discovering new passions. This year, we’ve gone all out to make Kalemana the most amazing playground in the world. 🤟

On this page, you’ll find the program with all the experiences you can enjoy at Kalemana 2024.

Yoga, sports, personal growth, dance, art therapy, and dozens of other unmissable experiences. The goal is to help you live something new, discover a new passion, step out of your comfort zone, and fall in love with disciplines and activities you might never have thought to try.

Next to each experience, you’ll find the Area where it will take place and the day (Saturday or Sunday) you can participate.

Please note that to join the experiences, you need to purchase the “Festival + Experience” ticket, which entitles you to participate in one of the many proposed activities. Click the button below to get your ticket!

IMPORTANT: You cannot book your Experience from this page. Once you have purchased the Festival + Experience ticket, we will send you an email with the link to choose the experience you want to participate in (bookings will be available starting the week of July 15). Remember that the Experiences have limited availability and there is no guarantee you will be able to book your preferred one. Therefore, we recommend keeping an open and curious mind, ready to embrace with the right vibes whatever activity you get to experience. 🙂

Area Luna


Hiit Beach Workout with Ivana Poludvorná

Get ready for an exciting high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session on the beach, focusing on legs, glutes, and core. You'll be guided through an energetic total body workout with mobility elements and an intense post-workout relaxation experience.

Strong Workout with Paolo Zotta

Do you want to regain your energy? Join Paolo Zotta, personal trainer and fitness expert, for a total body workout dedicated to toning and strengthening your entire body.

Katonah Yoga Pole Practice with Marco Migliavacca & Alessandra Tisato

Together with Marco Migliavacca and Alessandra Tisato, you will learn to practice with the stick, allowing you to understand where to bring more attention, volume, and breath during the practice. It will be an intense and fun session (something you've never tried before). Join us to explore stick practice and discover how this tool can transform and enrich your yoga experience.

AcroYoga with Sam e Luna

Acroyoga is an intense discipline, perfect for learning how to connect with others and build trust (highly recommended even if you're attending the festival alone, as it's a great way to meet new people). You'll learn teamwork and how to find your balance.

Barre with Carol Enrico

Barre is a functional workout inspired by dance, designed to train the entire body. The goal is to tone and sculpt the legs, glutes, and abdomen. Do you need dance experience? Absolutely not! All movements are adapted and simplified, making them easy and effective for everyone!

Flowemotion with Luca Anzano

Experience an engaging Functional Training session set to music that will connect you with your body. This workout includes cardio, lower body, core, and upper body exercises. You'll experience different emotions throughout the entire workout, having fun with fellow participants.

Area Fuoco

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Area Vento


Yoga Mirage with Marianne Mirage

With her immersive voice, Marianne will elevate the mat practice to an intense emotional level. Throughout the session, she will alternate between relaxing and calming Hatha poses and energetic Vinyasa rhythms. The sound of her Tibetan singing bowl and the chanting of mantras will help you fully engage in self-listening and discover your uniqueness.

Manifestation - Cacao Ceremony with Lucrezia Montrone

Experience something unique with this Cacao Ceremony. Cacao, in a gentle way, opens the heart channel. It will be a ceremony focused on presence and awareness, suitable for everyone.

Odaka Flow with Charlotte Lazzari

This flow is inspired by the motion of the ocean and Zen philosophy. As we practice, we'll let each gesture express who we are, leading us to release the perfect chemistry to vibrate outwardly and within every cell of our inner universe.

Heart's peace with Stefano il Ginko

Ever tried a sound bath? Gongs and bells take center stage in a vibrational sound bath that will guide you on a journey to discover your inner peace. An intense and introspective practice.

Art Therapy: paint your emotions with Federica Ferrajoli

An art therapy workshop where you paint your emotions. There will be 50 canvases to paint, and each participant will have 60 seconds to leave their mark on the canvas in front of them. When the minute is up, you move to the next canvas and continue the work started by the person to your right. This continues until you return to the initial canvas! The final result will amaze you.

Create your own amulet with Bianca Biamonti

Explore the world of natural ceramics and enjoy a moment of relaxation and creativity. Bianca will guide you in creating personalized amulets using bio ceramics. You'll explore artistic and decorative techniques, shaping unique objects that reflect your energy and creativity.

Sacred Garden


Area Terra

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Flex Vinyasa with Alessia Neri

A series of exercises blending flexibility, technical workouts, and movements inspired by Vinyasa Flow. This flow incorporates specific movements, including moments of mindfulness to experience positions such as splits, backbends, and inversions. The class is suitable for all levels, with variations provided for beginners to advanced practitioners!

4SX - Sexual Movements and Techniques with Alfred Kendrik

In this class, you will experience embracing, transitioning, and physically engaging with your partner... during intimacy. It's completely natural to want to flow and move in sync with your partner. You'll learn exercises and postures in your practice that specifically target muscles used during sexual activity.

Indian & Oriental Dance with Leli

Discover the magic of Indian dance with a session that will take you into the heart of this fascinating art form. It will be a journey through tradition and innovation, exploring the rich cultural heritage of this wonderful country.

Bodyweight e joint mobility with Sara postura da paura

Enhance lymphatic circulation, joint lubrication, and your mobility. A beneficial lesson to improve strength and flexibility using our body as resistance through three specific flows: one focusing on the lower body, one on the core, and one on the back and shoulders.

Area Luna


Area Fuoco

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Core splitter Workout with Jo dunica

Training session focused on strengthening the core and increasing the heart rate!

Gpassè with Giulia Pagliaccia

Can you work out while dancing? In this fun-filled class, you'll discover how to exercise and dance to the beat of music. This format uses the fundamentals of dance barre technique in a dynamic and fluid version for a complete cardiovascular workout.

Handstand with jennifer Ursillo

In this workshop, international trainer Jennifer will teach us all her tricks to stay on our feet! We will work on strength and mobility for perfect verticals. Fun is guaranteed!

Radical changes with Alba Muzzarelli and Tiziano Sorbellini

Rebalance body and mind through the fusion of two practices: Navakaraṇa Vinyāsa + Anubhūti. You will learn to discipline your mind and body, rediscovering your focus and achieving a rebalancing of psychophysical energies through an intense emotional journey to dismantle the masks of personality.

Lifecoaching with Ameriga Giannone

In this interactive workshop, Ameriga Giannone will guide you through the dynamics involved in our relationships with others. She will do so through her unique approach to Personal Growth, integrating Yoga, Life-Coaching, Astrology, and Breathwork with moments of journaling and participant sharing.

Odaka Yoga Flow with Charlotte Lazzari

This flow draws inspiration from the motion of the ocean and Zen philosophy. By practicing, we let each movement speak of us and lead us to unleash the perfect chemistry to resonate outwardly, but above all, within every cell of our inner universe.

Area Vento


Sacred Garden


Heart's peace with Stefano il Ginko

Ever tried a sound bath? Gongs and bells take center stage in a vibrational sound bath that will guide you on a journey to discover your inner peace. An intense and introspective practice.

Twerk Therapy with Euridice

Connect with your feminine and sensual energy. This practice begins with a gratitude journaling session towards our body and self-love, followed by a dance segment where you'll follow my movements of the hips, chest, and beyond. Fun guaranteed.

Transformative Breath with Silvia Abrami

Breath is a simple, effective, and always available tool to transform our lives day by day. With Silvia, you will learn how to use your breath to enhance wellness and balance in body and mind, reduce daily stress, manage emotions, create a deeper connection with yourself and life. You'll return home with an additional tool to use every day to take care of yourself!

Happy hips-50 with Francesca Pietrosanti

A practice entirely dedicated to the mobility and health of hips and pelvis! Through simple movements, you will discover how to awaken the joint area, focusing not only on hip mobility but especially on pelvic mobility. We will work on correct alignment of hips and knees to maximize the functional capacity of our joints (plus some simple tricks to improve your flexibility).

Area Terra

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Boho Tent

powered by Spirulina Becagli (Domenica)

FitFace Yoga® with Lorenza Minola

Health also involves our face. In this class, we will start with breathing exercises and then move on to massage the main endocrine glands to stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Finally, you will learn small movements that can help prevent imperfections such as dark circles, puffiness, fat deposits, sagging, or wrinkles.

GS Loft Terrace

(Saturday and Sunday)

Ice bath

Both on Saturday and Sunday, in the splendid setting of an exclusive terrace, there will be an ice bath session—an intense and rejuvenating experience often used by athletes to accelerate muscle recovery and reduce inflammation.

Domande frequenti

No, we will send the booking link directly via email to those who have purchased the Festival + Experience ticket. Bookings will be available starting the week of July 15th.
Yes, you will be able to choose the experience you prefer from those available. However, please remember that experiences have limited availability, so you may not necessarily be able to book your top choice. Kalemana is about exploration and discovery, so embrace any experience you get to participate in with enthusiasm 🙂

No, you should purchase experience before event.

You can contact us, and we will cancel your booking within 72 business hours. After that, you can only access the available experiences. We recommend choosing carefully from the beginning.