14 – 15 September 2024

Punta Marina, Ravenna

Join the vibe

The festival for free spirits, rebels, and dreamers

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What is Kalemana Festival?

Kalemana Festival is the Experience Festival organized by Yoga Academy & We Are Marketers, celebrating the desire to rediscover an active lifestyle, live new experiences stepping out of the comfort zone, meet new people, expose oneself to the new in search of fresh stimuli, and party with like-minded individuals.

A beach and an entire village immersed in nature where you can dance, have fun, do yoga, participate in many activities, meet new people, and enjoy the sea and the sunset. The first two editions saw about 3000 participants combining physical and mental well-being, music, and other activities. Are you also ready to experience something truly unique?

What can I expect at Kalemana?

At Kalemana you can do yoga barefoot in the sand, dance to the rhythm of music, participate in breathing workshops, join group workouts, and make new friends. But also climb a climbing wall, listen to stories of alternative life, glide on the waves with an e-foil, do aerial silk, pole dance, treat yourself to a relaxing massage, or participate in painting and meditation classes. All in one place.

More than just a festival, an experience reminiscent of California festivals to entertain, excite, relax, laugh, dance, and discover that well-being has many different facets.

The Main Stage

The beating heart of the festival, the Main Stage, welcomes you with a kaleidoscope of sounds, lights, and vibes. A lineup of artists and special guests will alternate to gift you unforgettable moments of fun, inspiration, and athleticism. As music fills the air, find yourself dancing, laughing, and truly living.

Among the past guests: Denise Dellagiacoma (Founder & Teacher at Yoga Academy), Giulia Calcaterra (Coach & Founder of Arya Training), Paola Maugeri (Radio Speaker and TV Host), Dario Vignali (Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of Marketers), Chocolako (Yoga Teacher), Shiva Rea, Paolo Zotta (Fitness Trainer), Marianne Mirage (Voice Artist), Lucrezia Montrone (Yoga Teacher), Marco Migliavacca (Yoga Instructor), and more…

The Experiences

Themed workshops, fitness activities, yoga practices, and many new surprises each year! The Experience Areas spring to life when there are no activities on the main stage (except live music). These experiences are limited in number to ensure that the trainers can provide the right level of attention to everyone. Therefore, it’s necessary to book them in advance.

The program of experiences will be shared closer to the event.

We will send an email to allow everyone who has purchased an experience ticket to register and choose from more than 30 different experiences.

Always-on Areas

The Always-On Areas are open-access areas active during both days of the festival. Access to these areas is included with your main stage ticket, with no additional payment required.

In the Always-On Areas, you can try: aerial silks, skateboarding, balance boards, foil, SUP, climbing, various types of holistic massages, and there’s also an area where you can be pampered by a team of expert hairstylists and makeup artists.

Happy vibes, happy tribe


Join the Tribe

Kalemana is much more than a community; it’s a movement, a Family of people driven by the same values and ideals. We believe that our lives are shaped by the sensations, emotions, and experiences we encounter every day. Choose to disconnect and come live something unique.

Thinking of coming to Kalemana Festival but going solo? Don’t worry! We’ve created a Telegram group for solo-travelers to organize and find others to team up with.

14 – 15 September 2024